Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super T Baby!

Soo from a few weeks ago...

Successful Crush Party! YAY!

I had a ridiculous amount of fun last night!! Somehow the day worked out even better than I had anticipated! I went to math and got more extra credit to work on, ate a sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonalds (so good, try it), didn't listen at all in accounting, watching this really awesome show with Ashley -- more on that later, decided it was too pretty to coop myself up in the library, laid out insteadn and actually studied while I was doing it, got tan for my date party and formal tonight and stole a dress from taylor ann and ate dinner at McAlisters with the couples across the hall. And at this point date party hadn't even come close to starting!

Side note: The show I watched in the middle of the day yesterday was one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. It was part of the international fair I think and I am so glad we stopped to see what was going on! When we strolled up, this girl was bending her body in ridiculous ways... I'm talking like holding herself up with one leg while leaning all the way back and holding a plate of glass cups on the other foot which was extended 180 degrees into the air. Insane. At one point she was laid down on the ground and had a plate of glass cups on both feet, both hands, and in her mouth. She then proceeded to roll onto her stomach without dropping any of them. The most amazing part was that she did everythhing with such grace. I can only imagine how much control over your body you must need to bend the way she did.

The next act was equally fun. This guy got up on a steel ladder and balanced himself all the while keeping a bowl balanced on his head. He didnt stop there. He put another bowl on his foot and threw it perfectly onto the other bowl on his head! Then he did the same with two bowls, three bowls, and FOUR bowls! All of them landed beautifully in the stack on his head! And to clarify, he balanced them on his foot before throwing them. And they were stacked in opposite ways so that they made like a tower kind of on his foot. And he wasn't finished yet. He is standing on his ladder holding his hand out to the applause - looking like he acted out a silent Olay! - with around ten or twelve bowls blanced on his head when his little assistant appears with a vase. Like with the bowls, he dutifully placed the vase on his foot and landed it on top of the stack of bowls on his head. To finish it off, he completed the set with one of those fake bouquets of flowers. The end result: an amazing Thai performer in a shiny costume with flowers coming out of his head. Awesome.

The last act we observed was a group of around ten girls from the same Thai performing ensemble. They were arranged in a line, wearing matching red komonolike outfits standing behind a set of drums. With a little background music to set the tone, they all started banging their drums in perfect synchronization. You could tell the girls on the end were the ones who ran the show since they had the biggest drums. It sounds like an ordinary drum performance but it was unlike any drumline i have ever seen. All the girls were swinging their high black ponytails with the beat they kept on their drum. Smiles from all around made it seem like they couldnt feel the heat that was blistering down in the middle of the day. There was one girl who literally did not stop grinning the entire time. She made me want to try! They all made it look so easy! I can only imagine how much practice it took to make their mini show perfect. They were completely together and overflowed with confidence.

Well, so, Crush party... I was going to talk about that a lot more like three weeks ago when I started writing this post but then Kari came over and was like you ready? Because we were leaving for formal. I closed really fast and didnt finish because 1) I didn't want anyone to have to wait on me to leave and 2) none of my friends know I have a blog site yet. I should tell them but I'm just not, ya know, there yet.

The end of Crush party was even more fun than the beginning I described above! I started off in Laurel with all my good friends, went down to the frat house to grab one of my dates, walked back to catch the bus and get all new dates, and then I danced allllll niiiiiight looooong! It was SO fun! I am so in love with Super T. I think I sat down a grand total of like one minute all night. None of my dance partners could keep up and somehow at the end, the boys were outnumbered by girls! It didn't matter at all. I got on stage with Super T and he played Lets Get it On and Celebration and Jami Howell and I sang on stage with him! It was so sad when it all had to end! I gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek and joined my friends on the bus. When we got back it was still super early, so we went to Hanna's and then to Gus's (Ben was in town). All in all, a very successful night!

The next morning I woke up early- you know like ten or so- and packed for formal at the Opryland Hotel. I had heard we were leaving at like eleven thirty or something and was all ready for like hours until we finally left at one. The car ride there was pretty fun actually. Just hanging out talking about plans for the summer and next fall and stuff like that. I didn't know I wasn't rooming with my friend until we were like halfway there... I really wish we had gotten to. It got awkward fast. I hope I didn't contribute to it all, but I feel like I may have. See, I had recently had a heart-to-heart with the guy who asked me. He asked me kind of out of nowhere one night when we were just having normal conversation and I was totally taken back by it. I get easily freaked out and his awkward asking made me think he was getting 'the feelings' which I never have any of ever. So, I did what I always do in those situations and immediately got myself out of any kind of relationship-like situation, appearance, whisper, stance, gesture, and attitude. In a sense, I just run away. Very very quickly. I thought it would be better by Steeplechase but it really wasn't so I will have to work on that some this summer.

Formal itself was really fun though! We started off the night with some country club margaritas, ate dinner at BB Kings on Second Avenue where I and almost everyone else got in overage, listened to a humiliating speech focused on Kyle's manwhoring practices, got tipsy off a Long Island Iced Tea, and then heard fabulous pong stories on the way home while taking bets on when JJ was going to pass out. My favorite part of the night was when we got back to the hotel and started pregaming for the Dustin Lynch band party. We pretty much just sat in the room and talked that whole time. It was so fun. I feel like I made a million new friends. After like two hours of just talking about nothing and everything, we figured it was time for us to meander down to the band party that was happening twelve miles away in our hotel.
Dustin Lynch waas awesome. He has the voice that every girl wants to marry-- and one was really asking for it that night. Her name was Roxy and she would not leave him alone. When she realized that was a lost cause, she moved on to the forty-year-old guitar player and proceeded to invite him to her room. Meanwhile, her date kept asking all of us girls to dance, even when I was dancing with my date he didn't let up. He turned out to be quite annoying but I would probably be doing that too if I had brought some drunk girl who was going to be sleeping with the band. So my date may have been kind of an awkward dancer... but luckily some of the pongs are super fun to dance with! Like crazy whip your head around, can't see because theres so much hair in your face, what on earth are we doing kind of dancing. I loved it.
Before we left, we made Dustin serenade us with Wonderwall which I guess gave him permission to stamp his name on our arms as we walked out the door. Instead of going back to the room, we set out to explore the hotel again. My desperate search for the water show was unsuccessful, but there was plenty more to see. The next morning was the same sort of deal where we woke up and explored and then ate lunch and topped off the trip with some gelato! Oh such good gelato too! I can't wait for italy! I shouldn't even bother eating real meals there!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'ts 3 AM and I want to go to bed...

Actually, it's past 4 AM... but I still want to go to bed. I have trouble sleeping normally and I knew tonight would be even worse. Not only did I drink a Diet Coke at midnight, I also took a ridiculously long nap earlier today.

That nap was the weirdest thing ever. I was going to lie down for like forty-five minutes, and I didn't think I would even fall asleep. Next thing I know it's five o'clock! Crazy! I guess I seriously needed to get some rest. I realized this after I took into account the late nights I have had this week. It started off with Saturday night when I didn't get home until like 6:30 in the morning. Then, I had to study for my dynamics test on Monday (which, even though I was completely distracted, I totally made a 30/30 on it! yay!) Monday night I did something that I do not remember... I think I worked on MSE homework and then I think I wrote a blog and stayed up late looking at my lab report data and how I should work on it. On Tuesday, I had to be at the Habitat build at 7:30 in the morning. That really took it out of me! My arms are still sore. I was so tired from it that I took a short nap that day too. Tuesday night I worked on my lab report which took me years. Thank goodness it was the last one! I completely BSed the whole thing so hopefully that is ok with my impossible to understand, asian metrosexual TA. Actually, I know it's definitely not. He can't speak english but somehow he grades our papers really hard and miraculously knows what we are trying to explain. Wednesday I was pretty irresponsible. I should've stayed in and studied buttt one of the fraternities had a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band for free and everyone fun was going out andd I just couldn't resist! I don't think I would've gotten anything done even if I had stayed home though. But yeah, I was up until like 3 or 4 and thus, my lack of sleep grew exponentially.

Last night was so fun and worth going out! I think I was drunk off of like not even 2 shots but everyone else was gonnne. So I was the soberish responsibleish one all night. I really liked the level of my drunkenness because I was completely coherent but I wasn't afraid to be crazy. The band ended up not being so amazing and I found that it is really hard to dance to Red Hot Chili Peppers so we left and went to Hanna's. We basically live there. So we walk in and there are like 20 people because it's Wednesday night and only us alcoholics are out at the bars on Wednesdays. It was still really fun though! Like I ended up knowing a lot of the people who floated in and out. I met a guy from London and made him tell me all of the places I should go when I'm in Europe this summer. He wasn't all that helpful. But, he did tell me which bars to go to in London and I am definitely going to check those out. He also told me the secret for traveling around the planet. It was so interesting to hear him talk about it all. He is leaving America soon to go spend a year in Ireland and then from there he is going to go live in Australia for awhile! Of course my first question was how?! Apparently you can get jobs anywhere with a foreign accent, so he was just going to make some money and save up for his next plane ticket I guess. Him and his brother were going together too so that makes it easier. Boys get it so easy... If they end up without a place to stay they can just sleep on the ground and no one will care. Traveling for them is so much cheaper and probably more fun. I still would rather be a girl though.

I forget why I came to that conclusion one day, but I had a lot of valid points that I will remember eventually. I really do not want to go to class tomorrow. Even more, I don't want to go to the library right after to study. I am going to fail my exams. I will just quit school and stay in Europe and use my accent to get jobs. A much more sophisticated idea...

I'm kinda screwed for tomorrow too. I am not really sure who I am taking or where I am pregaming or what I am wearing. And pretty soon people are going to be asking me all of these things and I will still not know. I'm not really worried about it though. I mean I just want to go see Super T. I hope my random date is cute. I have a bad feeling I will end up with the one that I am not supposed to be around though. oops!

Ok well I'm getting tired. Actually I just am getting tired of writing. Goodnight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As if you didn't guess it... the title has multiple meanings.

1. Ouch.

So, I get a text from my little sister that reads "I have some news." Well awesome. Thats just fantastic. Since its more common for bad news to follow that phrase rather than good news, I prepared myself for the Very worst thing that she could've said... but it turned out to be the next most awful scenario that I had dreamed of at the time. She is going to go to a different college than mine next year. I was in tears over the news making it pretty hard for me to be excited for her like a good older sister should be. I already regret that but at the same time I want to convince her that she should completely change her mind and hang out with me for a couple years. I am more thankful than ever for this summer and how we are going to get to spend a lot of it together. It is depressing to think about, but in a sense, college is the beginning of the end when it comes to being close to your family. Yes, i call my parents every day and I talk to my little sister all the time too. But, it is a constant struggle for us to see each other. Three hours isn't exactly a quick trip and thinking about wasting time driving stresses me out. So then college passes by with nothing but phone calls and emails and the occasional trip home. Then what?? Ohh that's right, you go find this crazy thing called a job. Depending on where that takes you, your family may be completely out of reach. Add in the marriage factor and the additional family to split your time seeing and the rift between family and you gets all the more wide. The battle intensifies as everyone's lives speed up and the life you knew is all of a sudden gone in a whirlwind of new life. So if I'm being super dramatic, then ultimately, that is what I am truly sad about. However, being completely hypocritical in the sense that I have a blog where I am writing my dramatic thoughts, I am hardly ever dramatic so really I am just selfish and wish that I could have my little sister around to hang out with me all the time regardless of what she wants/needs/cares about in life. It's not my fault she is like the coolest little sister ever and awesome to be around.

2. Loving you, Loving me

Oh wait, just kidding...

3. Crush Party!

Probably the most outlandish theme for a date party: bring two dates. I think its kind of awful. Now, as if convincing someone to come to a date party with me wasn't hard enough, I now have to find a guy who is willing to awkwardly bring his friend along. And what do I do with one when I am dancing with the other? Aren't all the boys going to be mad about the skewed ratio in the girls favor? What happens if on the off chance my dates start dancing with each other? What if they like it!? The whole thing is completely ridiculous. There is no way I am going to bring two dates. I'm bringing like TEN! HAHA! I woke up yesterday morning without a date and by the end of the night I literally had like seven. I am so pumped. The only issue is where on earth are we going to pregame? My apartment would be perfect since it is close to where we catch the buses and everyone will be around. But, I am still living on campus so I am not supposed to have parties/excessive people in my room. So far, this is the easiest way for us to combine the various groups of boys that my dates are included in. I guess worst case I just end up at like six pregame parties. I've had worse problems :)

Well I'm highly sick of this pessimistical post title and have no more things that I am perpetually mad at right now. I apologize for two thirds of this post being completely and utterly pop-some-pills depressing. On the bright side:

I had a great free food day! Free sausage biscuit for breakfast. Free lunch at the Habitat Build. Free hotdog at the baseball game. Free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's!

The Greek Week Habitat build was SO FUN! I was planning to go back tomorrow but I am currently wasting my time doing other things and I dont think I can do another early morning -- as in I had to be there at 7:30 AM. The last time I saw the six o'clock hour was Sunday when I stayed out making a fool out of myself. Anywaysss, my roommate and I made white pickett fences for the elementary school across the street from the house we are building. It was like the best fence you have ever seen. My arm is super sore from hammering.

I finally finished my lab report. And it is the last one of the semester. I hope that I do not fail. Whatever, as long as I can just get out of that class!

I just had a realization, I should never take naps during the middle of the day. Or I should just learn to actually need sleep. More on that later. Goodnight.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Silence is Golden

Communication is key to any relationship. Friends, enemies, lovers, whatever, they all have to figure out in one way or another how to act according to the how the other person feels. What do you do when the other person simply refuses to address the fact?

Granted, there is a lot to be said for putting yourself out there. Relinquishing your true feelings comes with the fear of rejection and pain of regret. And if this sounds brutal to you then there is a good chance that you have never been turned down or been in a difficult relationship or cared deeply about someone who felt the need to constantly hurt you. Lucky you. As for the rest of you, how on earth did you survive. I feel like a gas tank with the light on, completely empty. I poured my heart out all to find that I was nothing more than an object. An obstacle. A goal. One, might I add, that he has still not quite reached. Still, it was something that I never saw coming. However, those who know the situtation would probably regard that as my first mistake because there was a last time...

Last time... when we yelled and embarrassed each other. Last time when he caught me doing nothing wrong. Last time when I called him out on it all. Last time when he left me to walk home alone. Last time... we didn't talk after for six months.

Since this time was the same as last time, my guess is I will be writing this same note again as soon as we silence out our difficulties. Will we ever figure it out? Someday says Dave. But who knows? Returned ignorance could mean bliss.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Compliments (complements?... oh whatever)

It is amazing how the simplest gestures in life can make you smile. The other day, I was pulling up to the gated entrance of my friend's neighborhood. Normally the workers there are very strict. You pull up to the gate and tell them your name and who you are visiting. They either check the guest list or call the house and if your lucky enough for them to answer, the guard presses the magic button allowing you to stroll under the mailbox lever and roll by the notoriously slow automatic iron doors.
This night was a totally new experience though. I pronounced my name and my destination. The guard smiled and replied, "Well he told me you were coming, but he didn't tell me you would be this gorgeous." The doors opened, and I was on my way. The strange part was that he wasn't like some dreamy guy that only show up in movies or something like that. He didn't rip off his shirt and expose his equisite 8-pack. He was just a regular guy you would expect to find at the gate of some random exclusive neighborhood. What is so amazing is that his small little surprisingly non-creepy comment made me smile all night long. And not so surprisingly, when I arrived at His house, there was no comment about my appearance at all.
It's the simple things in life that keep us smiling. Whoever you are reading this probably think I am crazy just focusing on some small inkling in time, but for us girls, it's a pretty big deal when someone notices the hard work and dedication that was poured into composing the perfect curled hairstyle and impeccable outfit choice that completed it. So thank you Mr. Security Guard man. I hope you had a great night :)
And reader, I hope your night goes well, too! As for me, I'm about to go see Mamma Mia! For the second time! Goodnight!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Am I Doing?

There is so much talk of how unsafe the internet is. Loose security wires through cyberspace in the form of bank accounts and private documents. Why then are we all here? It is evident that we should stick to the old ways of snail mail and memorized combinations, but the technological world is spiraling out of control. If we don't grab on now, we will simply fall off into an infinite abyss of decaying paperwork.

Despite all of the doubts and worries from the old folks homes, more and more individuals are literally finding themselves and their purpose online, thus justifying the treacherous territory that accompanies a life on the internet. Whether one looks for a friend or just simply a random page to let his or her thoughts unfold, we are all here to be connected.